Please note that this is not an official Bugsnag product. I have no connection to Bugsnag, I was just bored over the weekend and wanted to have some fun!

The Bugsnag Extension for VSCode

...that no one asked for! Making fixing open issues a breeze by making it part of your daily routine.

Get up and running in a minute

Install the plugin, add your Bugsnag auth token, select the relevant project for your current workspace, and you're good to go 😊

Simple stepthrough functionality

Easily go through all your open issues one by, directly in your IDE, and see all the info that might help you fix the issue. If you use sourcemaps, the extension will automatically open the relevant files as to go through the errors 🚀

Know your priorities

Choose if you want to see all issues from today, from this week or from this month. Then decide what you want to sort by. Step through issues in the order you think is most sensible.

Skip issues you can't fix right now and get back to them later

In the flow, but just can't find the fix to this issue. Just skip it. This is just locally for you, so you can keep going and always come back to the skipped issues later.


Is this an official plugin made by Bugsnag?



Because I used to work a lot with Bugsnag and always found it tedious to integrate it into my daily workflows. So I thought it would be neat to have an IDE plugin that would allow you to step through all of the open errors easily. I had a weekend without anything to do, so: here we are 😅

Where do I find that Bugsnag token I need to add?

Assuming you have a bugsnag account, you can create a "personal auth token" in your account settings.

How can I use this plugin in a monorepo?

Have a workspace for each of the individual projects in your monorepo. That might make more sense anyway, since different projects will likely be related to different Bugsnag projects.

But even if you don't, you can still use the plugin (connecting to multiple Bugsnag projects) with no problem, the only thing that won't work is opening files since the file paths are likely not relative to the workspace root 🤷‍♂️

Can I use this plugin with anything other than Bugsnag? What about Sentry?

Theoretically it should be fairly straight forward to add more bug tracking providers. Hit me up if there is any interest in any specific ones 😊